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Using Clinical Simulation to Improve Patient safety
Working Towards World Class Medical Education

What is Simulation?
Simulation offers an important extension to conventional training

Simulation aims to create a safe, realistic learning environment using high fidelity manikins and state of the art audio visual facilities. Learners take part in immersive and challenging scenarios followed by a debrief facilitated by expert faculty. The courses aim to give learners the opportunity to objectively analyse both their technical and non technical skills, such as communication, team working, task management, situational awareness and develop strategies they can take back to their clinical roles. The focus is on providing and improving quality of care whilst embracing innovation to deliver improved services.

Non Technical Skills
Non technical skills are a common contributing factor to clinical errors and patient harm. Simulation allows learners to develop their own strategies to address non technical skills through interacting with a multidisciplinary team and a simulated patient in a real time event. The ultimate aim is to improve patient safety and practice error management.

Advantages of Simulation
• Devoid of risk to the patient. Allows participants to practice clinical and interpersonal skills before performing these skills on real patients
• Management of routine procedures and events can be practised and improved
• Errors can be allowed to occur without intervention from a supervisor or without harm to a patient
• Participants can receive training from clinical experts in a safe environment
• Immediate feedback is possible
• The clinical setting is realistic; the aim is to mirror and augment actual practice
• Communication techniques, conflict resolution and professional decision making can be practised and optimised

How Simulation Can Help
Simulation can have value for many different areas and specialties, focusing on individuals, groups or multidisciplinary teams. The Simulation Suite staff can also help with the development of new simulation courses or programmes, scenario development, faculty training and all other aspects of course organisation. We have highly experienced clinical staff to help facilitate the sessions. We can offer one off experiences or ongoing courses as required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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